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อุปกรณ์วัด ISE (Tool for the Ammonium ISE in wine)

HI 84185-02  Tool for the Ammonium ISE in wine In the must during the alcoholic fermentation, yeasts need nitrogen and oxygen for their basic nutritional needs and growth. The power of yeast nitrogen is supplied by the ammonium ion and the amino acids. Insufficient water supply nitrogen in the vineyard or a too dry summer season can cause a deficiency of assimilable ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด ISE (Tool for Potassium ISE in wine)

HI 84181-02 Tool for Potassium ISE in wine Potassium is the most abundant alkali metal between the minerals present in wines. Determine the exact quantity is important to control the formation of precipitates of potassium bitartrate, which is perfectly soluble in water (S = 5.7 g / l at 20 ° C), but not in water-alcohol solutions (10% vol. S = 2.9 ... Read More »

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