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อุปกรณ์วัด Calcium and Magnesium Portable Photometer

The HI 96752 measures two important parameters in agricultural and hydroponic applications. HI 96752 measures calcium concentrations from 0 to 400 mg/L and magnesium from 0 to 150 mg/L and the values are displayed directly on the large LCD to eliminate the need for conversion tables. This handy and portable meter with a low cost-per-test is an ideal hi-tech alternative to chemical ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Chlorine, Total Hardness, Iron LR and pH Portable Photometer

Chlorine and pH are two of the most closely monitored parameters in water quality tests. Hardness is also an important parameter, attentively regulated to reduce waste or ensure proper functioning of equipment. Iron can cause an unpleasant taste or stain kitchenware or laundry. The HI 96745 is a powerful instrument to keep all these parameters under control. The reagents are in ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Iron, Low Range and Manganese Low Range Portable Photometer

Neither iron nor manganese are considered dangerous, but high concentrations of these metals in water can create a bittersweet or astringent taste. The presence of iron in supplied water is undesirable due to the staining effect on laundry and porcelain. Manganese, in high concentrations, can produce corrosion and scaling in pipes, which is a serious industrial concern. The solution for these applications is ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Total Hardness and Iron, Low Range Portable Photometer

In domestic water, iron can alter the taste and make it unpleasant to drink. It can also stain laundry, damage kitchenwares and favor the growth of certain bacteria. However, low levels of iron are critical in beverage production. Hardness is a consequence of the type of rock layers which the water passes through and of its permanence in the water bearing ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Total Hardness and pH Portable Photometer

HI 96736 is a multiparameter portable photometer that measures total hardness and pH. The HI 96736 meter uses an exclusive positive-locking system to ensure that the cuvette is in the same place every time it is placed into the measurement cell. The cuvette has a very important role because it is an optical element and thus requires particular attention. It is important ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Free and Total Chlorine, High Range Portable Photometer

Bleach/chlorine is the most cost effective disinfectant and is used extensively in dialysis clinics. Its use varies from light duty application in surface sanitation to heavy duty disinfection of medical devices or removal of microorganism infections in piping systems. The advantage of chlorine over peroxide type disinfectants is that chlorine not only is a strong oxidant, it also is capable ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid and pH Portable Photometer for Legionella Protection

Legionella species is the agent that causes human Legionnaires’ disease as well as the lesser form, Pontiac Fever. Transmission is facilitated by the inhalation of mist droplets containing the Legionella bacteria. Common sources of Legionella include cooling towers used in industrial cooling water systems as well as in large central air conditioning systems, domestic hot water systems, fountains, and similar disseminators ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด Free & Total Chlorine Portable Photometer

The HI 96724 measures the free and total chlorine content in water samples in the 0.00 to 5.00 mg/L (ppm) range. The method is an adaptation of the USEPA Method 330.5 for wastewater, and Standard Method 4500-CL G for drinking water. The HI 96724 incorporates an advanced optical system based on a special tungsten lamp and a narrow band interference filter ... Read More »

อุปกรณ์วัด pH, Free and Total Chlorine & Cyanuric Acid Portable Photometer

Chlorine is the most common water disinfectant used in many swimming pools and spas. In swimming pools, spas and similar applications, Cyanuric Acid helps to stabilize the breakdown of chlorine, especially in sunlight. Frequent testing of both cyanuric acid and pH will help to minimize chlorine consumption. Specifically designed for swimming pool and spa applications, the HI 96104 measures pH, Free and Total ... Read More »

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