Category Archives: อุปกรณ์วัด COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand COD Meter Accessories)

อุปกรณ์วัด ซีโอดี(COD Test Tube Heater )

HI 839800 COD Test Tube Heater with 25 Vial Capacity The HI 839800 COD reactor is constructed of durable materials. The aluminum block incorporates a 25-vial capacity and a well for a reference temperature probe. The HI 839800 COD reactor is an easy to use test tube heater.  Its well-marked user interface provides intuitive operation. The reactor is equipped with two predefined temperature settings: ... Read More »

เตาย่อย ซีโอดี (COD Thermoreactor)

HI 839800-02 Thermoreactor The thermoreactor HI 839800 is made ​​of materials resistant and durable, with a capacity of simultaneous digestion of 25 samples. The reactor is equipped with two pre-set programs for digestion at 150 ° C (for analysis of COD and total phosphorus) and 105 ° (for total nitrogen). In addition, LED indicators allow a visual check of the state of ... Read More »

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